Grizzly Bear Management Program

Grizzly Bear Management

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Conservation, Feature

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) is proud to release a grizzly bear management paper that is intended to provide some facts to an emotional debate. To read our grizzly bear management paper click here.

The GOABC advocates for science-based wildlife management and wants decision-makers to value wildlife and their habitat in land use decisions.  There are many factors to consider and decisions are often made to grow the economy but if we put a higher value on wildlife, including grizzly bears, we will see their population continue to be healthy and grow.

Guide outfitters often live within their guide territory and have extensive knowledge on habitat conditions, predator-prey relationships, and the overall ecosystem in which they operate.  We believe in sustainable use and are often witness the changes in species populations first.  Our on-the-ground knowledge indicates that the grizzly bear populations are healthy and growing.  We are seeing bears in greater densities in areas where we have not seen them in generations.

There are many opinions on how government manages bears in British Columbia but if they continue to make good science-based decisions on how grizzly bears are managed grizzly bears will continue to thrive in our province.

Download and Read the Grizzly Bear Management Paper

For more information please contact Scott Ellis at or 604-541-6332.