Managing Grizzly Bear Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

Grizzly Bear Management

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Host of Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio show, Rob Keck is focused on an emerging problem; managing grizzly bear populations in North America.

Hear all about North America’s largest predator and what’s being done to keep both bear, and human populations safe. Join Keck as he talks with three distinctive guests, Shane Mahoney, founder and CEO of Conservation Visions, Scott Ellis, Executive Director for the Guides & Outfitters Association of British Columbia, and Evan Heusinkveld, CEO of the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

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Each week, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World draws upon outdoor experts from across the country, including those within the Bass Pro Shops family.  Rob Keck, Bass Pro Shops’ director of conservation, and his guests provide listeners with the latest information about hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation.